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Cruise through Perth in a fully restored 1970 Ford Mustang or 1973 Cadillac Convertible, explore the stunning scenery of Kings Park, the botanic gardens and the modern city skyline, take a leisurely Sunset Coast Cruise or Just Drive, and experience the scenery along the way.

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About perth, western australia

Steeped in history and surrounded be natural beauty, Perth stands as the capital city of Western Australia.

Founded in 1829 as a British colony, the city’s roots trace back to its colonial past. Today, Perth’s skyline boasts modern skyscrapers, a testament to its growth as a bustling metropolis. Visitors can wander through the charming streets, exploring historical sites and some of its key attractions.

fremantle prison

Built by convicts in the 1850’s, Fremantle Prison is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and provides insight into a Australia’s convict history. Operating as a maximum-security prison until 1991, it offers guided tours that take visitors through its cells, solitary confinement areas, and historical sites, highlighting the harsh conditions prisoners endured during the colonial era,


kings park and botanic garden

Established in 1872, Kings Park is one of the largest inner-city parks in the world and a significant cultural and historical landmark. Originally named Perth Park, it was renamed Kings Park in 1901 in honour of King Edward VII’s coronation. The park’s beautiful botanic garden showcases the diverse Western Australian flora and offers panoramic views of the city and Swan River.

St mary's cathedral

This Gothic-style cathedral, built between. 1863 and 2009, is one of Western Australia’s most important religious and architectural landmarks. It has a rich history, surviving fires and multiple construction phases, and is celebrated for its stunning stained glass windows and intricate stonework.


the bell tower

Also know as Swan Bells, this distinctive tower overlooking the Swan River houses a collection of historic bells, including the twelve bells of St. Martin-in-the-Fields from London’s Trafalgar Square. The tower was completed in 2000 to mark the new millennium and has since become an icon symbol of Perth.


the art gallery of western australia

Established in 1895, the Art Gallery of WA houses an extensive collection of Australian and international art. It showcases diverse artworks ranging from indigenous art to contemporary pieces, providing a window into the cultural evolution of Western Australia.


the swan river

The Swan River is not only a stunning natural feature but also holds historical significance as a waterway that shaped the development of Perth. It played a crucial role in the early settlement and transportation, connecting the city to Fremantle and facilitating trade and communication.

the perth mint

The Perth Mint has a rich history as a key player in Western Australia’s gold rush era and the global precious metals industry. Today, it serves as both a historic site and a renowned minting facility producing high-quality bullion products.

perth cultural centre

This cultural precinct in the heart of the city comprises several important institutions, including the Art Gallery of W.A, the Western Australian Museum, and the State Library of Western Australia. It has evolved into a hub of creativity, education, and history, offering a vibrant space for locals and tourists alike.